Trump Supporters Trying To Cancel The Simpsons Over ‘P*ssed Off’ Marge Clip

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Aug 2020 13:09

Donald Trump supporters have found an unlikely figure of hate in blue-haired Springfield mother-of-three Marge Simpson.

The sensible voice of reason in the chaotic world of The Simpsons, it perhaps wasn’t surprising to many fans when Marge spoke out about the disrespect shown to Kamala Harris by Trump’s senior legal adviser, Jenna Ellis.


Harris, who was this week announced as Joe Biden’s running mate for the 2020 election, has already had to contend with cruel and unprofessional remarks from political opponents, including Ellis’s assertion that she ‘sounds like Marge Simpson’.

Marge, who has of course previously dabbled in politics as Mayor of Springfield, made her disapproval of this sort of insult-throwing crystal clear with a short but effective video.

In the clip, which was tweeted by The Simpsons’ official Twitter account, Marge can be seen walking through a red curtain onto a stage, much like in the Treehouse of Horror episode where she warns that things are about to get scary.


Voiced by Julie Kavner‎, Marge adopts a similarly stern and serious manner as she responds to the name calling:

I usually don’t get into politics. But the President’s senior adviser Jenna Ellis just said that Kamala Harris sounds like me. Lisa says she doesn’t mean it as a compliment.

If that’s so, as an ordinary suburban housewife, I’m starting to feel a little disrespected. I teach my children not to name-call, Jenna. I was going to say I’m p*ssed off, but I’m afraid they’d bleep it.


Many Trump supporters have since expressed outrage at what they perceive as Marge wading into politics, with some demanding the beloved animated show be cancelled altogether.


This would suggest that many are simply not aware of The Simpsons’ long-standing history of offering commentary on current affairs, as well as giving non-animated political leaders a firm ticking off when needs be.

Famously, The Simpsons sent a strongly worded letter to former First Lady Barbara Bush in September 1990, after she described the show as ‘the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen’.

The letter, signed by Marge herself, included the harsh words, ‘Ma’am, if we’re the dumbest thing you ever saw, Washington must be a good deal different than what they teach me at the current events group at the church.’

The Simpsons Movie20th Century Studios

Nevertheless, Trump supporters came out in droves to attack Marge, a fictional character known for her near-saintly patience and strong moral compass.

One person tweeted:

This show is a cheap husk of what it once was it needs to just be cancelled already, let it go out with at least a smidgen of dignity.

Another said:


Just cancel yourself before you completely ruin your legacy.

Some even piled insults at Marge herself, dismissing her as a ‘busybody’ and a ‘nagging and disappointed middle aged woman’, descriptions that don’t reflect the life of Marge, whose CV lists stints as a Supreme Court Justice and a Channel 6 News anchorwoman.

Thankfully, many people have rushed to Marge’s defence, knowing that it is well within the character’s nature to step up when she sees injustice and bad manners. It’s a trait well documented in her campaigns against The Itchy and Scratchy Show, and raunchy burlesque house La Maison Derrière.

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