Trump Wins Florida In Nail-Biting Election Night


In one of the most thrilling presidential elections of all time, Donald J Trump has managed to maintain a steady lead on Hillary Clinton making the fight for the White House much tighter than most predicted. 

Trump’s lead was merely expanded by his current dominance in the majority of swing states and his incredibly tight win in Florida – one of the most important states in the entire election.

Trump took the lead by 49 per cent to Clinton’s 48 per cent.

At the beginning of the night bookies had Trump at 4/1 and Clinton at 1/6. Now the odds have changed drastically and Trump is outright favourite and by a sizeable amount.

Although the night is young, if Trump is able to continue his unpredicted leads in all of the swing states such as Ohio, New Hampshire, Michigan, and North Carolina –  then we could be set for one of the most bizarre presidential elections of all time and Mr Trump could very soon be seated in the Oval Office.

It looks like Trump is going to President.