Trump’s Impeachment Prosecutors Set To Prove He Incited Capitol Riots With ‘Blockbuster’ Video

by : Hannah Smith on : 08 Feb 2021 11:09
Trump's Impeachment Prosecutors Set To Prove He Incited Capitol Riots With 'Blockbuster' VideoPA Images

As Donald Trump prepares to face his second Senate impeachment trial, Democrats getting ready to push the case against him have reportedly taken inspiration from Hollywood.

Rather than focusing on statistics and legal jargon, impeachment managers responsible for prosecuting Trump have decided to take a more unorthodox approach, by creating a ‘blockbuster action movie’ video to bring to life Trump’s role in the deadly events of January 6.

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The New York Times reports that Democrats have learned lessons from Trump’s first Senate trial, which some said alienated many senators after the testimony given by witnesses came across as ‘repetitive and sometimes sanctimonious.’

With more Republicans thought to be on the fence over whether to vote to convict this time around, House Democrats responsible for bringing the case against Trump have decided to grab their attention by creating a ‘riveting and horrifying’ video retelling Trump’s actions in the lead up to the Capitol riot.

Rather than calling specific witnesses to testify about Trump’s alleged role in inciting rioters, the impeachment managers have reportedly gathered mountains of primary source evidence, including tweets, clips of speeches where he encourages his supporters to ‘fight like hell’ to ‘stop the steal’ and quotes from rioters who said that they attacked the Capitol because Trump told them to.


A highly-produced video will then contrast this evidence with footage taken during the riots in order to appeal to the emotions of the senators who were forced to hide for hours while Trump’s supporters ransacked the building.

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45 Republicans Vote To Declare Trump’s Impeachment Trial Unconstitutional

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Democrats responsible for presenting the case against Trump have avoided giving details about their exact plans for the trial, but lead prosecutor Jamie Raskin has claimed that it is important that senators – as well as the American public – are given the clearest picture of what happened on and leading up to January 6.

In an interview about his preparation for the trial he said:


The story of the president’s actions is both riveting and horrifying,

We think that every American should be aware of what happened — that the reason he was impeached by the House and the reason he should be convicted and disqualified from holding future federal office is to make sure that such an attack on our democracy and Constitution never happens again.

In the face of what Democrats have described as ‘overwhelming evidence‘ proving he incited violence, Trump’s defence team reportedly plan to argue that the Senate ‘lacks jurisdiction’ to prosecute a former president, and will also argue that his claims that President Biden stole the election are protected by the First Amendment.

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