Trump’s Leaked Tapes Are ‘Far Worse’ Than Watergate


Trump's Leaked Tapes Are 'Far Worse' Than WatergatePA Images

Leaked tapes revealing President Trump demanding a Georgia election official ‘find’ enough votes for him to win the state have been described as ‘far worse’ than the Watergate scandal.

Shocking audio files, recorded during a one-hour phone call between Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger and Trump have been released by The Washington Post, in which the president says he wants to ‘find 11,780 votes’.


‘The people of Georgia are angry; the people of the country are angry. There’s nothing wrong with saying that you know, you’ve recalculated,’ Trump said, to which Raffensperger replied telling him the data he had was ‘wrong’.

Check it out here:

Now, Carl Bernstein, whose journalistic reporting broke the Watergate story, has described Trump’s call as ‘far worse’ than the 1972 scandal.


Bernstein’s reporting led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon over his administration’s continuous attempts to cover up the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office building in Washington DC.

‘It’s not déjà vu. This was something far worse than occurred in Watergate. We have both a criminal president of the United States in Donald Trump and a subversive president of the United States at the same time in this one person,’ Bernstein told CNN.

‘This is the ultimate smoking gun tape. It is the tape with the evidence of what this president is willing to do to undermine the electoral system and illegally, improperly and immorally try to instigate a coup.’


Bernstein went on to say that during any other presidency, evidence of this stature would result in not only the impeachment of the president, but also a conviction in the senate and calls for an immediate resignation.

‘We’re not going to hear that. We might from a few Republicans, but that’s what’s really called for here. And the one thing we should recall from Watergate was that the heroes of Watergate were Republicans who would not tolerate Richard Nixon’s conduct,’ he continued.

The leaked audio, published by The Washington Post, reveals Trump claiming he’d heard votes had been shredded, while he appeared to threaten legal action.


‘You know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a criminal offence. You can’t let that happen. That’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer,’ he can be heard telling Raffensperger, before telling him to ‘re-examine’ the votes to ‘find answers’.

Following the conversation, Trump took to Twitter to claim Raffensperger was ‘unwilling or unable’ to answer questions about ballot destruction, adding that he has ‘no clue’.

‘Respectfully, President Trump: What you’re saying is not true. The truth will come out,’ Raffensperger tweeted in reply.


It’s unclear whether Raffensperger was referring to the audio file which was published later that day, however it would appear as though the truth is very much ‘out’.

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