Trump’s Properties Are Still Serving Coke Despite His Calls For Boycott

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Trump's Properties Are Still Serving Coke Despite His Calls For Boycottfirstfamilytrumps_/Instagram/MikeSington/Twitter

Former President of the United States Donald Trump still wants you to boycott products he continues to profit off at his businesses.

Back in the day, when things didn’t go Trump’s way, he’d often call for people to boycott or protest the existence of a movement or brand.


Since being permanently banned from Twitter he’s no longer able to voice such orders, yet is still releasing statements from his office and doing the occasional Fox News interview.

When he called for fans to stop drinking Coke because he didn’t agree with their ‘woke cancel culture’, you’d assume he would practice what he preaches. But no, it seems he still not only drank Diet Coke but his properties, such as his hotels, are still serving it to patrons.

When CNN decided to check whether the twice impeached POTUS had been true to his word and followed through with his boycott, they found his venues were still selling the product he so publicly denounced.


According to their journalist – who attended the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC this month and one that was at Trump National Doral golf club in Miami, Florida for a speech by scandal-ridden Congressman Matt Gaetz – Coke was, apparently, very much on the menu.

In fact, it seems Trump properties have been stocking up on the fizzy drink, when reporters spotted fridges full of the stuff, along with other drinks the Coca-Cola Company are responsible for.

Recently, Trump was snapped at his desk with a bottle of the drink poorly hidden at the side of his desk.


Then, little over a week ago, the former POTUS was spotted drinking a Diet Coke once again.


Trump Spotted With Yet Another Coke Bottle Despite Calls For Boycott

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It’s safe to say it’s not the worst thing Donald Trump has ever done, but it just shows his continued hypocrisy and demand for his supporters to do as he says and not, evidently, as he does.

It was reported that President Biden had his Coke button removed from the Oval Office, after allegedly guzzling up to a dozen cans a day while in office, which prompted a red button to be installed for convenience.

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