Truth Behind ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl’s Creepy Insta Post Has Been Revealed


The ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl faked an Instagram hack to promote a new music video.

Yesterday, 14-year-0ld Danielle Bregoli’s Instagram account was inundated with alarming videos, washed with red and emblazoned with Illuminati symbolism.

Although the Internet Detectives went berserk, it turns out we’ve all been played in what appears to be a typically millennial PR stunt orchestrated by Danielle Bregoli herself.

Bergoli made the headlines – and was immortalised as a meme – after she appeared on Dr. Phil’s chat show.

In an explosive row with her mum and the audience, 14-year-old Danielle coined a whole new phrase to illustrate the teen angst she was evidently feeling: Thus ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl was born.

Since, she has made media headlines amid a debate about her safety and over exposure, with many feeling she’s being taken advantage of. Those worries peaked with the so-called ‘hack’ yesterday, which threatened to leak personal information from Bregoli.

But apparently the 14-year-old loud mouth kid is more savvy than anyone of us gave her credit for.

The videos were designed to create a buzz around the real ‘leak’, which we all became privy to when Danielle released a music video in which she makes a special appearance.

The video – produced by Glassface – accompanies a song called Juvy by Danielle’s favourite rapper, Mook Boy.

? @glassface @mookboyflygoon @worldstar

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Her team full of PR geniuses told Elite Daily:

Danielle and her team collaborated with Glassface to take over her account for this top secret art experiment.

The result was millions of media impressions, hundreds of fake accounts, speculation and news stories.

???link in bio @worldstar @mookboyflygoon @glassface

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…Not to mention a really bizarre music video, also featuring fellow viral sensations including Harambe and President Donald Trump.

Whatever you think of Ms. Bregoli and her newfound fame, she sure knows how to milk it.