Truth Behind Viral Photo Of Trump And Putin Revealed

by : Francesca Donovan on : 10 May 2017 18:59

In case you missed it because you were watching Love Island – like us – this past week has seen world leaders band together at the G20 summit to discuss the issue of global climate change.

To deal with the seemingly hopeless political pile-on that is the G20 summit, in Hamburg, many Twitter users have managed to find comedy amid the cohort of politicians.


Like this photograph of President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin, which has had the caption game treatment:

However, the truth behind the laughs is that the meme doing the round online is a photoshopped image.


A number of Twitter users have pointed out the disparities:


Meanwhile, apart from the Internet tomfoolery, the G20 summit has raised some difficult questions surrounding America’s intention to leave the Paris Accord, with the leaders of the 19 remaining member states recording their differences with the POTUS.


A resolution statement issued at the end of the G20 summit notes the ‘decision of the United States of America to withdraw from the Paris Agreement’ but goes onto say: “The Leaders of the other G20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible.”

The agreed G20 statement continues: “The United States of America states it will endeavour to work closely with other countries to help them access and use fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently and help deploy renewable and other clean energy sources, given the importance of energy access and security in their nationally-determined contributions.”


As tensions over the Paris Agreement reach tenterhooks, who can really blame the World Wide Web users for burying their heads in jokes over the alleged Russian hacking of last year’s US presidential election?


Even something as disturbing as the destruction of democracy is less bleak than the man-made, self-inflicted collapse of Planet Earth.

What a shit show.

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