Tuition At This New UK University Is Completely Free

by : UNILAD on : 14 Jul 2016 12:33
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It’s been a rather monumentally shit few years for British students.


Once non-existent tuition fees have now skyrocketed to £9,000 per year, student grants have been completely abolished, and UK universities have been announced as officially the most expensive in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s hardly a surprise – the university system is seen as a privilege rather than a right to a good chunk of the UK government.

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But one university may change that – the Free University Brighton (FUB).


Offering students the chance of a free degree, FUB states on its website that it’s offering ‘education for love, not money’. Yeah, sounds a bit hippie-esque, but this could revolutionise the university system and level the playing field for those who don’t happen to have a spare £9,000 a year.

Founded last year after a series of government cuts, the university started its first free degree in Humanities and Social Science with 70 students. And after that proved to be a success, FUB is preparing to open the course up to more people, Konbini reports. And anyone can study here – students don’t have to have any prior qualifications.

While the university only has a Humanities and Social Science course so far, it covers a pretty vast range of degree-level studies. From International Relations to Politics, FUB’s modules teach Inequalities and Justice, Crime, Alternative Economics, Media, Feminism, Communication and Propaganda, and Philosophy.


Due to the amount of volunteers and free venues available in Brighton, FUB has managed to keep their course fee-free without applying for any grants or trust funds.

According to FUB Founder Ali Ghanimi, it’s a no-strings-attached system they want to keep up for as long as possible:

We are very happy to receive donations from people who support what we are doing.

One of the main barriers we face now that we are growing is finding enough free, wheelchair accessible venues. We are always keen to receive help with that… We just want it to be sustainable.

So if you’re fed up with handing out insane amounts of money for university you don’t have or can’t afford, the FUB is holding a registration event on Saturday July 30 at the Marlborough Pub & Theatre in Brighton.


Hopefully more universities will start following suit.

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