Tunnel Brawl Ends In Spinning Backfist Punch KO In Brutal Video


In a grimey tunnel in what appears to be America, two men confront one another surrounded by a small but appreciative crowd – and literally beat the shit out of each other. 

Sure, it isn’t exactly what I’ll be doing tonight, but it’s definitely food for thought knowing that guys actually do this. Somewhere.

In the short clip, one man prances in from one side of the tunnel, as another shirtless thug storms in from the other, before they meet in the middle and form what looks like the shittiest remake of Fight Club ever.

But it doesn’t take long until shit hits the fan.


Admittedly, the guy in the shirt seems to be the aggressor, and the shirtless brawler appears to back off quite a fair bit. But I’m sure he still threw a fair amount of punches throughout the 30 second duration of the scrap.

However there isn’t really enough time to decipher who’s truly dominating the fight as a spinning backfist comes out of nowhere and sends the guy without the shirt into a sleepy daze.

Guess he won’t be meeting in more peculiar sewers for fights any time soon.