Turning Bangs Into Hearts Is Now A Thing In Korea Apparently



A new craze is taking South Korea by storm, with heart shaped bangs the new ‘in’ thing.

The style is called 하트 앞머리 (hateu aapmuhri), which translates as ‘heart-bang hair’, and is sweeping social media.

Girls have been posting pictures of their hair on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with some just having fun with their hair and uploading pictures on social media before then going out with normal hair, and others actually wearing the style when they’re out and about.




Some guys are even getting in on the act, making sure that the girls are not left to have all the fun – and that they put their hair to good use.

At least if the craze sweeps the UK, there will be plenty of guys out there who have long hair from their man buns to be able to make some pretty impressive hearts.