Turns Out Crash Bandicoot Is A War Veteran Suffering From PTSD


Did you know Crash Bandicoot is in fact a moving tribute to veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? At least, that’s what satirical website The Onion’s Clickhole theorise in a new video.

The (joke) video points out that Crash is skittish and paranoid, trapped in a world that doesn’t understand him. He also struggles with a Wumpa fruit addiction and spends his time dazed, wondering through the jungle shirtless.


Apparently, the team at Naughty Dog set out to create a blisteringly and unflinchingly realistic portrayal of the struggles the Vietnam war vets face on a daily basis. I always thought it was a kid’s game about spinning into boxes and shit, so I clearly need to quietly rethink everything I know about videogames.

Watch the video below, and be amazed by the shocking truth.

Maybe this is the real reason why we haven’t seen a new a Crash Bandicoot title in so long: The world just cant handle another game that holds up such a devastatingly clear reflection of the consequences of war.