Turns Out This Song Works Perfectly For Most Movie Endings

by : UNILAD on : 12 Mar 2016 18:24

The closing song in a movie is usually pretty iconic. After all, would Jurassic Park be the same without that famous John Williams score? Could The Matrix work without Rage Against The Machine?


Well, one YouTuber has postulated that the same song could actually be used at the end of pretty much any film or TV show and fit perfectly.

And, when presented with the evidence, it’s actually pretty hard to dispute Peter Salomone’s hypothesis.

As part of the Walk of Life Project, the freelance video editor and writer is slapping the Dire Straits track ‘Walk of Life’ onto the end of every film and TV show he can think of.


Even if you don’t know the song by name, trust us, you’ll recognise the insanely catchy track when you hear it.

And it’s actually pretty crazy how well the same song fits the most varied of movie and TV endings – from The Dark Knight Rises to The Godfather, The Lion King to Mad Max: Fury Road, ‘Walk of Life’ drastically improves even the most iconic of movie endings.

Hell, even the final scene of Friends gets the treatment.

Here’s just a small selection of the best examples. Enjoy:


Speaking to Paleofuture, Salomone explained:

My friend joked that ‘Walk of Life’ would be the perfect funeral song. So then I just sort of melded that idea with my love of movie endings. I tried a few (Star Wars, 2001, and The Matrix) and I was surprised at how well they synced up. I didn’t re-edit the movie clips visually. I just found a good starting point for the song and the rest just fell into place.

The question now is whether Salomone can make the song work for some of the most depressing movie endings ever – could Walk of Life fit with Schindler’s List or The Green Mile?

There’s only one way to find out…

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