Turns Out You’ve Been Putting Aftershave On Wrong Your Whole Life

by : UNILAD on : 03 Nov 2016 12:54

It always sucks when you figure out you’ve been doing something wrong your entire life.


Whether it be charging our phones wrong or even shitting wrong, your life can loose a little meaning when someone tells you what you thought was right, actually isn’t.

And now you can add applying aftershave to that list, because everything you knew about applying it is a big, fat lie. As it turns out, spraying it onto your wrists and neck is completely wrong.

Really, you should be applying it to your belly button.


It sounds weird, but experts claim dabbing a few drops on your navel can take your fragrance game to the next level, Elite Daily reports.

Steven Claisse, a senior perfumer at fragrance company Takasago, recently told Self: “Any area on your body that radiates heat will enhance a scent, and your belly button does just that.”

Since the pulse points on your body radiate heat, these spots tend to be optimal places to apply perfume – or so we thought.


Apparently the pulse point on your belly button generates a lot more heat than those on your wrists or neck, making it the best spot to apply aftershave and perfume.

If you’re not into spraying mist into your navel, other good spots include the back of your elbows and your knees. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try spraying your feet. Apparently this helps the fragrance flow while you walk.

I think I’ll stick to my neck and wrists.

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