Twin Sisters Both Give Birth To Daughters On Their Birthday

by : Julia Banim on : 02 Nov 2020 19:05
Twin Sisters Both Give Birth To Daughters On Their BirthdayABC 6

Twin sisters have given birth to daughters on their shared birthday, with the little girls being born just 90 minutes apart.

Sisters Autumn Shaw and Amber Tramontana, of Knoxville, Tennessee welcomed their daughters on Thursday, October 29, giving birth at the very same hospital. They were, however, in separate rooms at the time of their respective deliveries.


Bizarrely, this isn’t the first time that Autumn and Amber’s pregnancies have closely overlapped, with their two-year-old sons having been born just 10 weeks apart.

You can find out more about Autumn and Amber in the following news clip:


Amber told ABC 6 that having kids at a similar time had been part of their plan:


We wanted our kids to have the same experience that we had growing up, just more siblings.

I would say, ‘you need an Autumn, and she needs an Amber, and you need a person’. So that’s why we wanted to have babies close together. But we didn’t plan that it was going to be this close together.

The two women have done everything together in life, sharing many similarities aside from their physical characteristics.

Their paths have intertwined inseparably throughout the years, from education to career goals, and now their own children’s beginnings will be forever connected.

According to Autumn:


From childhood to homecoming to high school to college and nursing school, nurse practitioner school, our sons who are 10 weeks apart, having them close in age and now our girls.

twins babiesWATE 6 On Your Side/YouTube

Autumn, who became pregnant while she and her husband were sadly still recovering from a previous miscarriage, has stated:

We didn’t really understand God’s plan or why that happened to us, we knew that it was common, but we knew He had a bigger plan and we just trusted that plan.


Amber and Autumn’s doctor George Vick has remarked that, in his 45 years of practising medicine, he has never before seen anything quite like this extraordinary joint birthday.

Dr Vick told ABC 6:

It’s something that’s really an unusual thing. It was when we found out they both had the same due dates. It was just a God thing the whole way.

Going forward, the family will have four birthdays to celebrate in the space of just one day, and won’t have any excuse whatsoever to forget about each other’s birthday cards.


Many congratulations to Autumn Shaw and Amber Tramontana on their extra-special arrivals!

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WATE 6 On Your Side/YouTube
  1. WATE 6 On Your Side/YouTube

    Knoxville twin sisters have babies on their birthday, 90 minutes apart