Twin Sons Of Steven Avery Finally Speak About ‘Making A Murderer’

Making A Murderer/Netflix

Making A Murderer fans have heard from most people entwined in the case, but Steven Avery’s twin sons have remained pretty much silent since the show aired. That is about to change.

Speaking exclusively to Crime Watch Daily Bill and Steven Avery Jr. have opened up about the hit Netflix show, their father’s reported crimes, and how it has impacted on their lives.

The full interview won’t be available until February 8, but a sneak preview has been released that makes for some pretty interesting viewing.

Check it out:

When asked by Crime Watch whether they believe their father killed Teresa Halbach Bill confidently replies “No, I don’t think he did”. Steven Jr. on the other hand concedes that there is an element of doubt.

He said:

I have no idea. I mean, only one person can answer that, and that is Teresa, but she can’t answer it no more.

The only thing I know is that the entire case was very shady, it’s clear that there was corruption.

Steven Jr. also spoke about how his father’s past has dramatically affected the lives of both he and his brother, so much so that he had wanted to take his wife’s surname when they were married.

It was also revealed that the pair were allegedly discriminated against by the military prior to even undertaking an interview.

Steven Jr. recalled a recruiting officer saying:

It would be a cold day in Hell before they [Avery brothers] ever get hired.

Making A Murderer/Netflix

In response to the massive popularity of Making A Murderer Steven Jr. admitted that despite the positives for his dad’s case the show did put a strain on life for the family.

He said:

It sucks having everything out in the open like that, but at the same point, it’s good because a lot of people see a little bit of a bigger picture.

The full interview looks as though it will be well worth a watch.