Twitter Account Tweeted About Paris Attacks Two Days Before They Happened


Twitter users have been thrown into disarray and conspiracy theorists working overtime when one Twitter spambot account appeared to predict the horrific Paris terror attacks, two days before they happened.

On the November 11 – @PzBooks tweeted: ‘BREAKING: “Death toll from Paris terror attack rises to at least 120 with 270 others injured.”

People were, understandably, freaked out by what they saw and hit Twitter to voice their concerns. It was quickly labelled as a ‘false flag’ – a term used by conspiracy theorists for an act they think has been staged by a government or other authority.


However there is an innocent explanation for it really. The @PZBooks account is a spambot that reposts news from actual news account @PZF. @PZBooks has mashed together two official @PZF breaking news tweets – one referring to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and the other from an attack on a Nigerian mosque and combined them to create the terrifying prediction.


What are the chances?