Twitter Clarifies That Yes, White People Dislike Donald Trump Too

by : UNILAD on : 17 Dec 2015 12:58

It turns out that the white community has as much hatred for Donald Trump as the cultural groups he has offended with his remarks as the hashtag #WhitesAgainstTrump trended on Twitter. 


In response to the terrifying presidential hopeful mobilising his supporters around policies that many view as blatantly racist, musician Heather Bentley created the #WhitesAgainstTrump hashtag last week, calling for fellow white people to stand up against the 2016 Republican presidential frontrunner.

The hashtag took off when comedian W. Kamau Bell tweeted it along with an article he wrote for Salon, asking white people to use the hashtag during the GOP debate – boosting its profile and leading it to trend on Twitter. Many people used it to express their concerns over how Trump has rallied supporters around race- and religion-based rhetoric.


As the hashtag trended, critics blasted Bell and called the amplification of #WhitesAgainstTrump itself racist.



Trump and his supporters have been involved in a number of controversial incidents during the 2016 campaign after the wiggy maniac called to deport all 11.3 million illegal immigrants and video emerged capturing his supporters beating and calling a Black Lives Matter protester in Alabama racial slurs as he was removed from a rally.

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