Twitter Is Going Nuts For Britain’s Surprisingly Cool New £2 Coin

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jan 2016 12:51

It’s fair to say that over the years the UK’s coins haven’t been winning any prizes for the coolness of their design.


But no more will that accusation be fair, as the Royal Mint unveiled the latest (badass) commemorative designs for £2 and 50p pieces over the weekend – and Twitter loves them.

Literary figures  seem to be in fashion for the new coins as The Bard himself, William Shakespeare, is commemorated in two designs. The images include a skull beside a thorny rose and a sword through a regal crown – both aiming to pay tribute to his impressive body of work.

Continuing the theme, everyone’s childhood favourite Beatrix Potter is commemorated on two 50 pence pieces using her best-known character, Peter Rabbit. The Battle of Hastings also features in the batch of special coins – which will enter circulation this Spring – however the skull and roses is the one that seems to be proving most popular.


The 2016 designs are not the only recent change to Britain’s currency, as last month it was announced that the last ever batch of round £1 coins had been produced. Britain’s official coin maker says the new 12-sided design, due to enter circulation in 2017, is the ‘most secure in the world’, designed to combat counterfeiting.

That’s all very well, but does it have a skull on it? If not, no one cares anymore.

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