Twitter Verify Random Lad For The Most Hilarious Reason

The Twitter icon displayed on a laptop.PA

In the modern world there are few more prestigious accolades than having your Twitter verified.

The small blue tick means your account is an officially ordained bastion of individuality, and that all the pretenders who have coveted your position are up shit creek without a paddle.

Hilariously though, a blue tick meant for ‘the only man in the world with a penis insured for $1 million dollars’ recently got handed to a lad from Edinburgh with just a few hundred followers instead, the Mirror report.

The mix up happened to Kieran Lee, who woke up one morning to find out he’d been accidentally verified by the social media giant.

The company had mistaken Kieran Lee for Keiran Lee, a porn star commanding a follower count of 150,000.

And Kieran from Edinburgh reacted in the best way possible, by reassuring his mates he couldn’t have done it without them.

Unfortunately for Kieran, Twitter soon realised its mistake and removed his verification as easily as it had bestowed it.

At least he saw the funny side.

So if you want to feel the thrill of verification on your own account, why not change your name to a porn star’s name and hope someone at Twitter fucks up again.