Two Boys Praised For Saving Bus Driver During Medical Emergency

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Two Boys Praised For Saving Bus Driver During Medical EmergencyWSB-TV

Two schoolboys have been commended after saving their bus driver’s life as she was struck by a medical emergency. 

October 1 started off like any other day for Conner Doss and Kane Daugherty, two students at East Paulding Middle School, just outside Atlanta. They were riding the bus to school along with their classmates, only thinking about the lessons ahead of them.


However, something was wrong with Miss Julie, the bus driver. The two boys barely blinked before they sprung into action, and thanks to their quick thinking, she got the help she needed and nobody was harmed.


‘I come out, I come in the aisle and look down. Miss Julie’s face is bright red and shaking,’ Doss recalled to WSB-TV. Both quickly became aware that Miss Julie was experiencing some form of medical emergency.

Fortunately, she was able to navigate the vehicle to the side of the road, but the driver wasn’t in a good way. ‘I hear her say, ‘Hey! Somebody help!’ So, I run up. She’s over here shaking really bad. I picked up the [dispatch radio], I said, ‘Somebody help. Our bus driver feels really dizzy.’ Somebody called her phone,’ Daugherty said.


The dispatcher helped Daugherty take the necessary steps – setting the emergency break and stop arm, as well as flashing the lights – while they phoned 911. Meanwhile, Doss assured his classmates that everything was going to be okay and kept them up the back of the bus. ‘Some were crying, some were screaming, and some were just panicking,’ he said.

The students saved the bus driver's life. (WSB-TV)WSB-TV

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‘We know she has diabetes, so we thought maybe it was an attack. We got her to drink Coke, eat cookies, and all of that,’ Daugherty explained. ‘We opened up a window and we were waving down and everything, telling them to get over here to help.’

The students managed to catch the attention of a pastor passing by in his car, who stopped and boarded the bus to pray with the children until the ambulance arrived. ‘That was a moment of relief, I think, for Miss Julie and for us to know God was on our side,’ Daugherty said.

Conner Doss and Kane Daugherty have been praised. (WSB-TV)WSB-TV

Both boys were officially recognised by the school board earlier this month. Miss Julie is said to be recovering but has yet to return to driving. ‘Because of their quick and decisive actions, a potentially dangerous situation was avoided,’ Principal Tom Alverson told CNN.

‘The care, respect, and love they showed for Miss Julie has been incredible, and it is a great example of not only their character, but the true spirit of all East Paulding Middle School students. All of our students are amazing, and Kane and Conner demonstrated just how amazing they are.’

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