Two Comedians Troll Donald Trump, Try To Build A Wall Around Trump Tower

YouTube/Jason Selvig

Since Donald Trump is apparently so keen for the U.S. to stop people coming into the country, a couple of comedians decided to give the businessman a hilarious taste of his own medicine.

Republican Trump has faced serious backlash following his claims of wanting both a blanket ban on Muslims coming into America and calls to build a wall to stop Mexican immigrants getting into the country.

Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, aka. ‘The Good Liars’, had their own reaction to the comments, paying a visit to Trump Tower in New York City with a work permit to build a wall of their own.

As the comedians explain to the unamused security guard at the door, “It’s going to keep the assholes in, because one came out and he ran for President”.

Calling for a “complete and total shutdown”, Selvig and Stiefler go about constructing the wall right outside the doors to Trump’s famous tower. Although they quickly realise they may not have brought enough bricks to finish the job…

Hopefully if we all show our support for this idea, these guys can make this ‘Asshole Wall’ a reality in 2016. Keeping Trump out of America is something we can all get behind!