Two Drunk Geordies Cause Chaos ‘Pretending to Be Suitcases’ In Airport

by : UNILAD on : 24 Mar 2017 18:46
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In an act that I hope was inspired by Jim Carrey in Liar Liar, two drunk guys caused a major alert at an airport by ‘pretending to be suitcases’.


The two Geordie lads stopped off at Newcastle airport for a quick snack when they decided to try and get through check in.

The pair crawled under the counter where baggage is usually checked in and found themselves on the baggage chute, following the conveyor belt behind the desks.

This is how it’s done…


Unlike Jim Carrey, the two were caught after they bypassed the passport hall, security checks, and the first floor of duty free.

The two drunk adventurers reached the departures area, beyond any ticket checks, where they were stopped and detained by security personnel.

An airport source said to the Mirror:

They basically got all the way through to air-side by pretending to be suitcases. They got down on their hands and knees to get through check-in then followed the conveyor belt.

That takes cases through from the front check-in area to where baggage handlers collect and load air-side.


The two men were taken into custody and charged under the Aviation Act.

Despite their intent not being malicious, the airport is taking the breach very seriously.

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    Two drunk Geordies cause airport chaos as they 'pretend to be suitcases' and crawl along baggage chute