Two Friends Create Fake Legal Row To Con Judge Rinder Out Of £5000


Two friends have conned Judge Rinder and his ITV show out of £5,000 by cooking up a fake legal row.

Leeds plasterer, Sam Horner, 35, told Judge Rinder he was chasing Paul Brewster, 34, over an unpaid £6,100 office refit bill.

Horner was awarded the show’s maximum damages of £5,000 after showing the TV judge a fake paper trail of invoices and final demands, and getting Brewster to falsely admit he’d spent the money on gambling.


However, Horner later revealed the whole tale was a set-up to pilfer the prize money from ITV, who pay out the so-called damages at the end of filming, as decided by Judge Rinder – a criminal barrister, not a civil law judge.

SMS messages show Horner and Brewster agreeing upon the story and they were spotted having a beer together just hours before the show was filmed in March.

Horner claims he hasn’t ‘done anything wrong’, adding:

I was paid for entertainment and that’s exactly what I gave them. I was paid to act. It was an Oscar-winning performance from start to finish.

By the end Judge Rinder was utterly convinced. Me and Paul went on the p*** to celebrate afterwards and have split the £5,000.


Brewster, a shopfitter, continued:

It’s only a TV show. They aren’t bothered as long as they are getting good ratings.

But ITV plan to get police involved to investigate the alleged fraud, as confirmed by a spokeswoman, who said, ‘If they have defrauded us we will take this up with police.’

Last night a show insider told The Sun:

The full weight of the law will come down on their shoulders. ITV won’t put up with anyone trying to undermine this show.

Meanwhile, Judge Rinder has been forced to defend his show amid rumours it is fake:

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Brewster and Horner’s antics certainly haven’t helped Rinder’s case.

Let the suing commence!