Two Girls Caught On Camera Being Forced To Jump Through A Window To Escape House Fire

by : UNILAD on : 02 Jul 2015 20:44
firewind1firewind1NBC /11 Alive

A dramatic video has emerged from news channel 11 Alive, capturing two girls jumping from a window to escape a house fire in Atlanta, Georgia.


Apartment complex Sandy Springs was engulfed in flames, putting the lives of multiple residents in danger, including two sisters aged 17 and six, who were forced to jump to safety from their third floor window.

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The girls were advised to jump through the window by neighbours and were taken to hospital, with their conditions still unknown, but it has been reported that one of them cut her leg on the glass as she jumped through the window.

According to witnesses, the girls were so confused and disoriented after the ordeal that they could not even recall their mother’s contact details.

firewindfirewindNBC /11 Alive

One of the witnesses and men who helped catch the girls, Thomas Lemmmon, claimed:

They broke the window and jumped down. The older one, she was 17, she jumped down, and I caught her, then I looked up and the six-year-old was jumping down. The glass caught her leg though, her leg was wide open.

The blaze destroyed the homes of 29 people from 11 different families, with an investigation currently underway to discover the cause of the fire.

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