Two Guys Actually Walked Off A Cliff While Playing Pokemon Go


In the latest incident of people being too engrossed in Pokemon Go for their own fucking good, two fully grown men have fallen off a cliff while trying to catch ’em all.

Yep, two men aged 21 and 22 reportedly ignored warning signs after they jumped a fence while trying to catch Pokemon by seaside cliffs in Encinitas, California, reports Uproxx.

Clearly taking no notice of the warning screen telling you to ‘watch your surroundings’ that pops up when you open the game, the pair are now tending to their bruised limbs – not to mention pride after plummeting off the cliffs.


Fire Marshall, Anita Pupping, said one of the guys fell 50 feet and was found unconscious while his buddy should count himself lucky to be alive after falling an unbelievable 90 feet.

Ms Pupping said the hapless duo had to be rescued by the fire department using ropes and harnesses to carefully haul them back up the cliff before they were rushed to a local Trauma Centre for treatment.


The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department made a statement which alleges that one of the men consumed alcohol before the incident, however, they will not be pressing charges against the men – presumably as being too moronic for your own safety isn’t a crime.

The extent of their injuries has not yet been revealed – and in case you were wondering, neither has which Pokemon they were trying to catch before they plunged off the clifftop.

Honestly, catching your sixth Zubat really isn’t worth an early death.