Friends Break Into Drug Dealer’s Mansion, Make MTV Cribs Style Video


Anyone who’s ever watched Scarface probably has a pretty similar thing in mind when you think of a drug dealers mansion. 

You think massive staircase, water-features, a swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi – and this mansion definitely delivers.

According to the video, the mansion was originally owned by a woman with cancer who could legally grow medicinal marijuana in her own home.


Now it’s unknown if the woman died or simply just moved out but what is known is that some dodgy estate agents came to the property, noticed she had the weed growing setup still in full working order, and decided to move in and run a drug dealing operation themselves from inside.

The estate agents also tampered with the mansion’s electricity so that they could use it for free, but their substandard skills with electrics meant that a faulty wire caused a small fire, burnt a tonne of weed, and the Herculean stench of weed which smoked its way across the neighbourhood came to the cops’ attention, who headed to the mansion where they arrested the two guys.


But thankfully, the mansion, which wouldn’t look out of place at all in Narcos or Breaking Bad, is still in a pretty decent shape meaning that we can all see just how luxurious it is – hell, the place even has a clam styled hot tub.

And that’s not all. There’s also a large swimming pool, a sauna, a grand staircase, marble floors, countless rooms, an indoor waterfall feature, an outdoor fountain, and so much more.


You can even see where the dodgy dealers grew their weed…


Was it worth getting arrested for? Probably not. But I bet they had a good time in their heyday.