Two Guys Earned £11,000 Last Month By Posting Potatoes And Bricks


Two budding entrepreneurs are proving that, with the right approach, you really can make a shit ton of money out of any old crap.

Twins Justin and Robbie Holt, who graduated from Canterbury and Yale in 2014, have found success by setting up their own business sending bricks and potatoes through the post. The two brothers recently founded Brick or Potato, a site which (like Ronseal) does exactly what it says on the tin, delivering a brick or a potato as a gift, anonymously, to a person of your choice.


The site has earned them a staggering £11,000 in the last month of trading, delivering the cherished gifts to unlucky recipients across the nation. Deliveries are completely anonymous, come with a personalised, hand-written message, and at a cost of just £6.99, Brick or Potato is the perfect gift for anyone you don’t really like that much.


Each gift comes with details of how to send one in return, to whomever they suspect may be behind it all and the guys have agreed to donate 10 per cent of the net profit from each sale to testicular cancer charity Ballboys.

It seems they’ve even got themselves a ‘celebrity’ fan in the form of Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews – an ideal candidate to receive a brick if you ask me.