Two Guys Fight In A Tyre Shop, No One Comes Out Looking Good


No one comes out looking particularly good here.

Footage shows two guys in a tyre shop in America who take a bit of a disliking to each other.

One shirtless guy is pissed off that the garage has fucked his tyres up, the other in a white tee is pissed off with the first guy going on about his supposedly ruined car.

White tee guy gets in shirtless dude’s face, telling him he ‘doesn’t want to fuck with him’.

Then it kicks off, there’s a bit of a headlock situation, with white tee guy not delivering on his previous threats to ‘wipe the floor with you, motherfucker’.

The garage guy then intervenes, sort of, and shirtless guy leaves.

Like I said, no one comes out looking particularly good.