Two Guys Fighting On The Train Ends With A Hug


The adage that you should ‘make love not war’ can seem altruistic.

It has good intentions, but as I learnt in Terminator 2: Judgement Day from the iconic T-800, it’s in our ‘nature to destroy’ ourselves. However, throughout our human conflicts, it’s only right that humanity holds out for some form of hope.

And what better form than two commuters who, after engaging each other in an impromptu brawl, ended their fight in the most unlikely way possible – with a hug.

I don’t know about you but in my last (proper) fight, which happened to be in my first year of secondary school I walked away from the lunch van victorious sticking two middle fingers up at my beaten opponent – before being hauled off for a month’s worth of detention.

Long-story-short there was no way in hell I was going to hug it out with my agitator. After all this was secondary school and any sense of weakness was akin to sharks smelling blood in the water. However that was in 1999 (I’m old, I know) and 2018 we do things differently.

This is proven by two passengers who got into a punch-up on a Sydney train. While the fight was hardly worthy of a pay-per-view in Las Vegas it did end with the aforementioned hug, the journey to it almost Oscar-worthy in itself.

While it’s unclear what sparked the conflict, it appears in the footage as if the man in the blue tank top was the one to start it throwing a hand in his spectacled foe’s face.

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Posted by Judita Aku-wei Winter on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The man in the tank top, who appeared to be somewhat inebriated, was dropping f-bombs and threatening to ‘smash’ up his young opponent who didn’t look that interested in entertaining his challenge. He told his older opponent that he ‘no chance’ of taking him on one-on-one.

However, there was only so much verbal abuse the young man could take before he had enough, which is when he proceeded to land some hard-hitting rights to his agitator’s face. The two ended up grappling and rolling around the train carriage like two lovers in a forest unleashing their sexual tension on one another.

As the tussle was drawing to a conclusion the young man told his older foe:

Look you had a crack at me first. This is not how I intended my night to go … I’m trying to get home, I have work in the morning.

If you don’t mean it, I don’t mean it.

It seems the two men realised how stupid their fight was, as well as probably acknowledging that someone was filming the whole event and both they were about to be made famous on the internet for all the wrong reasons.

In the end, the two men decided to hug it out and go there separate ways, bringing a swift and peaceful resolution to the ‘great conflict of the Sydney train fight’.

If only all impromptu street fights ended that way, eh?

Remember kids: fighting is not the answer.