Two Men Arrested For Stealing Money From 89-Year-Old On Christmas Day

Humberside Police

Two men have been arrested and charged after allegedly stealing money from an elderly man as he visited a cash point on Christmas Day.

Humberside Police revealed Jon Barrett, 29, from Knightscourt in Hull, and 31-year-old Scott Barrett from Knightscourt in Hull have both been charged with theft from a person.

They are due to appear at Hull Magistrates Court this morning (Friday, December 29).

Watch the CCTV footage here:

Footage, which was widely shared online, showed two men approach the elderly man who was withdrawing money from an ATM outside Sainsbury’s in Greenwood Avenue, Hull.

It is alleged the two men in the video steal a wad of notes from the victim before escaping on their bikes.

The police said in a statement, the elderly man, who was riding a mobility scooter, was left ‘uninjured but shaken’ as a result of the theft which happened at 9.30am on Christmas morning.

Humberside Police

The appeal to catch those responsible was shared thousands of times on social media with people sharing their outrage at what had happened.

Martin Allen wrote:

This is heartbreaking. Very hard for anyone to recover from a shock like that, and for an 89-year-old, they’ve probably not just taken cash, but taken his confidence, peace of mind, etc. Penalties should be far higher for crimes against elderly and vulnerable.

As well as anger, plenty of people suggested setting up a crowd funding site to raise money to give back to the man.

Somebody called Jonathan said:

What’s this guy’s name and how much money did he lose? Is there a collection for him I’d love to donate some of the money he lost.

And CraigPowellTilingLtd‏ added:

Do we know if the gentleman has enough for essentials like food and heat? If he needs a whip round to get him through then please let us know. That could be all he had to live on, it is a disgrace! Where has the respect gone?

It goes to show as much as there are some nasty people, there are still good people out there too.