Two More Monoliths Have Been Discovered In Spain And Germany

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 08 Dec 2020 11:33
Two More Monoliths Have Been Discovered In Spain And Germanyrockyrabea/Twitter/Newsflash

Monolith mania is spreading through Europe, as two more tall metal objects have been discovered in Germany and Spain.

A large silver column appeared in the small German town of Sulzbach over the weekend, while another was erected by the ruins of an old church in Ayllon, in Spain.


The discoveries come after mysterious monoliths have been found in Utah, Romania, California, Colombia, the Isle of Wight and the Netherlands, too.

As the phenomenon continues to grow, the source of the tall metal obelisks remains unclear. However, everyone has their own theories – terrestrial or otherwise.

‘It’s not from outer space. The wooden structure on the inside is very earthly,’ Holger Klink, a spokesperson for the German town, told local broadcaster HR.


‘We still have to get to the bottom of the mystery. Rumours are spreading on Facebook. There’s some very interesting theories.’

Two More Monoliths Have Been Discovered In Spain And GermanyNewsflash

Meanwhile, the Spanish town of Ayllon is also unaware of where the monolith came from, however Maria Jesus Sanz, mayor of the town, suspects it could be a prank.

Sadly, it seems as though the structure of the Spanish column isn’t quite as substantial as the original Utah object, as the three metal sheets which make up the obelisk have already collapsed. Surely this is a sign of human craftsmanship rather than that of our alien counterparts?


Much like those in Utah, people have been warned to avoid going searching for the monolith because of the hillside it is placed upon, which ‘can be harmful and dangerous,’ Europa Press reports.


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As the monolith sightings become more common, it’s also becoming increasingly likely they aren’t related to one another, due to the substantial differences between them. For example, the object in the Isle of Wight is made up of reflective mirrors instead of silver metal, while the object spotted in Colombia is coloured gold.

In Utah, California and Romania, the monoliths disappeared almost as quickly as they had appeared, so it’s likely the objects spotted elsewhere may also not be around for long.


Meanwhile, a group named The Most Famous Artist has come forward and claimed responsibility for the objects. Well, for one of them, anyway.

The group, which is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, shared a photograph of the original Utah monolith on Instagram, along with a $45,000 price tag.

‘Was it you?’ someone asked, to which they replied: ‘If you mean by us, yes.’


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