Two More People Have Died In Houston Police Custody Since Sandra Bland’s Death

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jul 2015 12:08

Incredibly, since the Sandra Bland case went global a couple of weeks ago there have been two more deaths in police custody in the Houston area.


Bland was taken into custody by a Texas state trooper and was subsequently found dead in her cell, with the police claiming she killed herself.

There’s been huge speculation over the details of the case, however, with many people believing she was killed by the police.

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And it’s now been revealed that two other people have died in custody in just eight days.


A woman, arrested for public intoxication, was confirmed to have died in custody on Sunday, just eight days after a man ‘showing signs of mental distress’ died after being restrained.

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Although Waller County, where Bland died, is not affiliated with the Houston police department it is in the greater Houston metro area.

With so many cases being recorded, the police are now heavily in the global spotlight.

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