Two More Trump Supporters Who Took Private Jet To Capitol Riot Arrested And Charged

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Two More Trump Supporters Who Took Private Jet To Capitol Riot Arrested And ChargedUnited States District Court for the District of Columbia

Since the violent riot at the Capitol, there have been hundreds of arrests and the authorities have now apprehended two rioters who got a private jet to the event. 

Many have seen the event as an attack on democracy and as a result, arrests have been made by the authorities. Two real-estate agents who travelled with one of the most high-profile protestors, Jenna Ryan, have now been arrested for their involvement.


Jason Lee Hyland, 37, and Katherine “Katie” Schwab, 32, reportedly used a private plane to get to the riot. Jenna Ryan and two other, unknown, guests also travelled with them after reportedly seeing a Facebook post of Hyland asking if anyone would like to join them.

Rioting trump supportersUnited States District Court for the District of Columbia

Hyland organised the private plane and claimed that the event would be ‘historic’. After the speeches at the rally, Hyland and Schwab returned to their hotel as they weren’t enjoying the cold. However, at the hotel, they decided to return to the Capitol.

The accounts of Schwab and Hyland differ at this point. Hyland claims that they weren’t sure what was happening when they returned to the Capitol. Conversely, Schwab states that they heard about the breach and wanted to see what was happening. Both ended up in the Capitol building.


Hyland claims to have asked a police officer if they could go inside, to which the officer apparently replied ‘everyone else is’. Neither of the rioters stayed for too long, but Jenna Ryan, who accompanied them was reportedly shouting ‘We are going to f*cking go in here. Life or death, it doesn’t matter.’ In response to the actions of Ryan, Schwab claimed that the fellow rioter made the group look ‘bad’.

arrested trump supportersUnited States District Court for the District of Columbia

The Dallas Evening News has reported that both Schwab and Hyland have now had their court hearings, and have been released from custody while they await trial. The rioters will face charges of ‘knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and of disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds’ according to the Justice Department.

In the meantime, Business Insider reports that Schwab is on house detention, while Hyland’s legal team are trying to organise a way to have the couple live together during legal proceedings.


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It also appears that Hyland and Schwab have lost their jobs. Hyland has had her realtor license listed as inactive, and Schwab’s employer has publicly denounced her behaviour.

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