Two Motorists ‘Block Tunnel For 40 Minutes After Getting Involved In Stand-Off’



Two Mercedes drivers were involved in an extraordinary stand-off in a tunnel, after both refused to move.

The stand-off took place in Maidenhead, and lasted for a massive 40 minutes, seriously exasperating other motorists, who called the pair pathetic and pleaded with them to back down.

A middle aged woman had driven into the tunnel, and reportedly had right of way, but came face to face with an elderly man in his car, who was travelling in the opposite direction.

The whole thing was caught on camera, as both refused to move, the elderly man because he claimed he couldn’t, and the woman because well, she was being a bit of a dick from all accounts.


Brad Haverly, who uploaded the video to YouTube, claimed:

The woman was ignoring the comments that came her way and was in her own little world, adamant that she was in the right.

Legally she was in the right but I think the video shows quite clearly the older man was two thirds of the way through and she committed to driving through too late and should have given way.

There were lots of men standing around shouting ‘reverse reverse’ and that might have been playing a role.

I think he was quite scared. I think he said at one point he was frightened. He had rolled down his windows just a tiny crack.

The woman was being unsympathetic – it was her right of way but it looked like the elderly guy was already two thirds of the way through the tunnel. It went on for a good 35 or 40 minutes.


The man eventually backed up, the way he came in.

Thankfully for the many, many people waiting, normal service was able to resume in and out of the tunnel.