Two Peacocks Die In Zoo After Having ‘Feathers Plucked’ By Tourists


Two peacocks at a zoo in China have died after they were allegedly picked up for pictures and had their feathers plucked out.

In yet another case of severe animal mistreatment, the two unrelated incidents happened at Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming City reports the People’s Daily Online.

According to management at the Peacock Park within the centre, the visitors’ rowdy behaviour shocked the beautiful birds before ultimately killing them.


The park holds more than 6,800 green, blue and white male and female peacocks that roam freely among the tourists in an effort to show visitors that man and nature can live in harmony at the park – or so they hoped.

According to the Daily Mail, the first death of a male peacock occurred because of the strong hold the tourists had around him when they were taking pictures. They also plucked his feathers, frightening the bird so much that he allegedly died of shock.


A representative at the zoo released a statement saying:

The uncivilised behaviour of visitors caused the death of a peacock, a preliminary investigation determined that the five-year-old bird was scared to death.

One of the witnesses at the park told local reporters: 

When I went to see the peacock safari I saw several people forcefully pull the feathers off one bird, holding it tightly for pictures.

During the second incident – around three days later – four tourists reportedly abused another peacock, which eventually resulted in its death.


Photographs of the tourists with the peacocks were posted on Chinese social media and the images show both adults and children harming the birds while grinning at the camera.

Although it’s believed they died because of shock after being assaulted by the visitors, the zoo has launched an investigation into the deaths.

These incidents have come to light just days after a baby dolphin died on a beach in Argentina after tourists plucked it from the water to pose for selfies. Seriously, what is wrong with people?