Two People Didn’t Stand Up In America And It Has Caused Outrage



Two people in America were photographed for not standing during the national anthem at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The person who snapped the image posted it online in an attempt to name and shame the pair.

The image has apparently been shared 13,000 times.

trump not standing

A retort has now taken place on Imgur where user “spayco” believes this is the type of America Donald Trump wants to see.

“My opinion? No big deal. Theres a multitude of different reasons why they didn’t stand. But the guy ended the post with #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, Donald Trump’s slogan. What was so disturbing to me was how much support this guy had from all his friends and others who saw the shared image.”





The comments escalate to accusations of the pair being illegal entrants to the country and needing to be beaten up.

Is this a case of extreme patriotism in the U.S and is it spreading as much as that photo post suggests? Trump may have been funny and entertaining at first, but is his “Make America Great Again!” campaign getting out of hand?

Conversely, for a guy that talks about patriotism and his home turf a lot he sure loves to chat about China too, as the Huffington Post recently noticed…