Two Reporters From Different Channels Called Jeremy Hunt A ‘C*nt’


Two journalists were struck by a serious case of Freudian slip while filming when speaking about the unfortunately named Jeremy Hunt.

It’s not the first time reporters have outright called him a cunt on TV, and when he’s got that personality and name, I imagine it’s difficult to pronounce that ‘h’ sometimes.

The BBC’s Ellie Price had the most extraordinary gaff when she said ‘cunt’ and then actually corrected herself, acknowledging her hilarious mistake.

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It was not only Ellie who made this mistake, a Sky newsreader introduced the Health minister saying ‘it looks like Jeremy cunt is going to be coming out with that NHS pin on his jacket’.

Polls taken by YouGov last year found that Jeremy Hunt was the most disliked frontline British politician by quite a margin.

Hunt had a -48 approval rating, with 65 per cent of people believing he was doing a bad job as Health Secretary.

His avoidance of junior doctors throughout their dispute, pushing doctors to take their first Accident and Emergency walkout in the 60 years of the NHS.

That is only the most recent of his political controversy, from the G4S security calamity at the 2012 Olympics to serious criticism for his strong views on abortion, the Oxford-educated politician has often found himself on the wrong side of the media.

Many people on the Twittersphere have celebrated the lewd slip up, insisting it was not a slip because it was rightly intentional.

I wonder how Cunt, apologies, Hunt, feels about all these ‘accidents’?