Two Teens Who Met On Snapchat Are Modern Day Romeo and Juliet


If you ever wanted to witness an IRL fairy tale, here it is.


It’s a modern day take, but Reed Bjork and Abby Diamond are the millennial Romeo and Juliet – minus the family fighting, deception and murder.

After Abby – a University of Wisconsin student – spotted Reed on Snapchat, she posted a video to her uni’s campus story, telling Reed: “To the guy wearing the Vikings jersey in the UW Snapchat Story, I’m seriously in love with you. Find me.”


Sure, it’s a little bold – but it definitely worked.

Reed’s friend had told him about Abby’s plea and encouraged him to reply back, Mashable reports.

He said back to her:

To the girl from Memorial Library. It looks like they took down my first Snap.

That’s okay, if it’s fate maybe they’ll post this one. Meet me here.

Reed’s video ended up circulating back to Abby – as well as the entire university, who soon became obsessed with their story. And within 24 hours, their romance unfolded on UW’s campus Snap Story, capturing the attention of the entire student body.

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Fate dealt her a cruel blow though, and Abby received the message too late. She replied: “Sorry I didn’t know you’d replied to my video so I missed the 8.30 at the Discovery Centre. But if it’s fate I’ll see you out tonight.”

At this point, some of the students began chiming in via Snap, urging the pair to meet up.

One user said: “Updating my Snapchat every 30 seconds, rooting for you guys!”


Eventually, Diamond and Bjork ended up meeting at their campus bar with a crowd of people waiting to see what would happen.

As far as we know, all went well. Let’s hope the romance lives up to the build up.