Two Women Found Guilty Of Trying To Murder Their Lover Five Times

by : Julia Banim on : 03 Oct 2019 15:35
Germany Attempted Murder ThreesomeCEN

Two German women have been found guilty of attempting to murder their male lover five times following a row over a threesome.

The two women, Henriette R., 30, and Michelle F., 21, have each been handed four-year prison sentences for attempted murder and grievous bodily harm (GBH). The sentences were handed down in a court located in the Brandenburg town of Frankfurt on the Oder.


Ralph Lehmann, 36, survived five attempts on his life by the women, who spiked his drink with psychotropic drugs, attempted to run him over with a car, drugged him again, struck him on the head with a car jack, and tried to stab him.

Germany Attempted Murder ThreesomeCEN

The court heard how Henriette R. and Michelle F. first attempted to murder Lehmann in November 2018 by putting psychotropic drugs in his drink.

They then proceeded to drive him to woodlands close to the Polish border before drugging him once again with the intention of murdering him once he was unconscious. After this failed, they then struck him on the head with a car jack before hitting him with a beer bottle.


When the two women realised Lehmann was still moving, they tried to run him over with a car, causing injuries to his hip and stomach.

Fortunately, Lehmann was able to survive the multiple attempts on his life and was able to flee from the scene despite his injuries.

Germany Attempted Murder ThreesomeCEN

Recalling the traumatic attack before the court, Lehmann explained he was able to flee using a stick:


They tried to kill me. I managed to get away. They followed me trying a few more times, but I managed to limp away with the help of a stick.

A third woman, named as Josephine S., 19, was found guilty of agreeing to be an accomplice to the crimes, and was released on an 18-month suspended sentence.

Josephine S. allegedly said, ‘If we find him [Lehmann], I will cut off his penis and cut out his heart.’ She was also found to have looked up the position of organs in the human body while en route to the wooded area.

Germany Attempted Murder ThreesomeCEN

The court heard the apparent motive behind the attempted murders was revenge on Lehmann after he apparently refused to pay Michelle F. €800 (£712) after she participated in a threesome with him and Henriette R.

Lehmann said:

She said she wanted to buy something for €800. I didn’t take it that seriously. The sex with Michelle was always consensual.

The next morning, we all had breakfast together. I told her I did not have €800 to give her, but we could pay it off monthly.

Michelle F. and Henriette R. were supposedly so angry about Lehmann’s failure to hand over the money, they decided to end his life. Their friend Josephine S. was then supposed to assist them with the murder.


However, a spokesperson has stated that the motive behind the attempted murders could not be ‘100 per cent’ established.

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