Tyson Fury Has Started A Twitter Campaign To Become An MP

by : UNILAD on : 30 Sep 2015 20:34

With Wladimir Klitschko pulling out of their heavyweight title fight, Tyson Fury currently has a bit of time on his hands.

Apparently not content with sitting on the sidelines waiting to step into the boxing ring again, the undefeated Brit has decided he fancies a different kind of fight in the political arena.

Perhaps inspired by dressing up as Batman for last week’s press conference, Fury now wants to follow the Dark Knight’s lead and clean up the streets of his Lancashire hometown.


The outspoken Fury took to his Twitter account to drum up support for an unlikely bid to become the MP for Morecambe. And, as crazy as the whole thing sounds, you really can’t fault the 27-year-old’s passion.

He wrote:

Wouldn’t mind being the MP for Morecambe, vocal & controversial something this town needs to pump some life back in to her! Vote Tyson Fury MP for Morecambe. The best MP ever, making Morecambe a better place to live & visit, discipline & respect.

Would Tyson Fury get your vote for MP for Morecambe? I’ll have Morecambe booming in no time! People walking around West End of Morecambe like the living dead, they need help, I want to help! Vote Tyson Fury for clean streets.


And it doesn’t look like Fury is all talk here – he’s already been campaigning around Morecambe and doing numerous radio and TV interviews to discuss his plans, which he says include tackling unemployment and homelessness.

So, will we see Fury in Westminster soon? Hey, stranger things have happened!

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    Tyson Fury starts Twitter campaign to become MP for Lancashire town of Morecambe