U.S Cop Tries To Blag His Way Into UK Club, Bouncer Shuts Him Down Perfectly


Seriously awkward footage has emerged showing the excruciating moment a ‘cop’ got completely shamed trying to sneak into a club. 

This guy tried to blag his way into a club on New Year’s Eve, only to be totally shunned by the bouncer in a toe-curling video.

The video posted on YouTube showed the man trying to talk his way inside the party venue by claiming he was a police officer, but unfortunately for him, the bouncer was having none of it.


The guy who was caught on camera, complete with fancy dress mask strapped to his head can be heard in the video persistently telling the bouncer at the back entrance that he’s in the police force.

He even tried to sway him by saying he was on ‘official business’ and he was working for ‘Interpol.’

Finally relenting, the bouncer demanded to see his ID, before well and truly putting him in his place when it’s apparent he’s not a police officer but a prison warden.

The bouncer did not take kindly to this and clearly frustrated, shouted at him use the front entrance like everybody else.

He scoffed:

What the fuck is this? U.S Correction, don’t talk shit. Go to the front, simple as that. You’re not a police officer.

At this point the guy really has little choice but to hang his head in embarrassment, but instead warns the bouncer he’s ‘going to get fired’.

What a cringe-worthy scenario.

I seriously do not envy that prison warden under circumstances, even more so now the video has gone viral…