U.S. Goes Mental Over Black Friday, UK Stays Calm And Has A Cup Of Tea

by : UNILAD on : 27 Nov 2015 16:11

Black Friday is happening again and sometimes you really have to wonder what is wrong with some people when you see the scenes, but thankfully the UK isn’t buying it this year.

In a worrying video from the US, two women are seen fighting over an electric steamer after one of them grabs it from a child’s hands. The thief then starts screaming that the other woman is scaring her – you’ve just stolen from a child, being scared is the least of your worries.


It seems that this footage is from a shop in Saginaw, Michigan, however even in the UK last year the carnage was catching. There were fights, huge crowds and scrums across the country with three people arrested in Manchester and  frantic ‘shoppers’ having to be physically pulled apart after a tug of war erupted over a TV set in an Asda store in Wembley.

However this year, things are slightly different, UK citizens seem to be back their reserved selves. There were more press photographers than frothy-mouthed customers outside stores this morning. Whilst over in the States they were losing their shit over bargain microwaves we were quietly queuing behind crash barriers guarded by polite people in high-viz jackets having a brew until doors opened.


Let’s just hope that the rest of the day passes without anyone getting murdered over a toaster or breaking their leg trying to get the last kettle in the shop. Just something resembling normality would be a start. Certainly no more stealing from kids please.

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    Woman Snatches Steamer From Child’s Hands In Black Friday Hysteria