U.S Marines Have Been Learning To Drive Tanks In Extreme Snow


It seems like soldiers from the U.S have been doing some extra training.

To learn more about the winter warfare in which US military isn’t exactly an expert, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has been deploying troops to Scandinavia to get some experience of the harsh conditions, reports Wonderful Engineering.


Extreme wintery conditions make armoured vehicles a lot more difficult to manoeuvre and the marines – no matter how tough they are – needed several training sessions just to have a basic know-how of driving tanks in the snow.

The USMC has recently deployed a brigade to Norway where the soldiers have been training for snow warfare under the guidance of experts from the Norwegian Army.

Luckily for us, they filmed the whole thing: 

The brigade practised with M1A1 Abrams tanks, Humvees, LAV-25 reconnaissance vehicles and a few other kinds of armoured vehicles which are kept in temperature-controlled bunkers until they are used for practise.

According to Wonderful Engineering, the training was part of an inter-military exercise named Cold Response.

More than 2,000 marines took part alongside 14,000 military personnel mostly from Norway.

As impressive as the vehicles look in the right hands, the Russians probably take the prize for most badass all terrain vehicle with their Sherp ATV monster tank:


You wouldn’t fuck with that would you?