U.S. President Barack Obama Surprises Couple When He Crashes Their Wedding

YouTube/Sammie Starkey

One couple got quite the seal of approval when none other than U.S. President Barack Obama made an unexpected appearance at their wedding ceremony.

The whole thing was caught on camera by wedding videographer Sammie Starkey, who noticed that guests at the ceremony on a golf course in California were getting distracted by a nearby golfer.

On a nearby green, Obama was casually finishing up his round at the 18th hole and, when he spotted the commotion, the president didn’t hesitate to go over and say hello.

Obama introduced himself to guests before a delighted bride and groom legged over to meet the man himself, and the president offered them his congratulations and wished them the best of luck on their big day.

This is one unexpected guest who was definitely welcome!

They say your wedding day is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life and that was definitely the case here. These two certainly won’t forget this afternoon in a hurry!