Uber Banned From London After Shock Decision To Revoke Licence


You may not be able to get an Uber in London anymore, after the taxi service’s licence has been stripped by Transport for London.

The announcement was made today, and it could see the removal of tens of thousands of its drivers from London’s streets.

The company has been subject to much controversy in the capital, with strikes of black cab drivers plaguing the already overcrowded streets of London.

Uber is the world’s largest taxi-hailing app, and has essentially revolutionised the taxi industry.

The service currently has more than 40,000 drivers in London alone, with 3.5 million London commuters using the app.

Transport for London has long been trying to deal with the increasing number of private hire cars on London’s streets.

Helen Chapman, Transport for London General Manager of Taxi and Private Hire, said this week the regulation of the growing industry is becoming increasingly costly.

This means that as soon as Saturday September 30, Uber may no longer be available in the capital.

Uber has 21 days to appeal, and it is expected that the taxi giant will do so.

They will be allowed to continue their services during the legal process, but it’s uncertain what the future holds for the online service.