Uber Launch New Speedboat Service



Because sometimes, you just really need a speedboat.

Uber seems to be taking over the world right now.

The company is worth $40bn, pissing off French people, and now giving people a lift on a speedboat.

Uber users in Istanbul have the option of a speedboat, which is aiming to ease the congestion on the cities ridiculously busy roads.


Unsurprisingly, it costs more than a regular taxi. It costs users £160 to travel on the Bosphorus from a pier to near the airport. The boats can take up to 8 people at a time, so splitting it works out a lot cheaper, and cooler.

Uber point out that it isn’t just a marketing ploy, and that it’s a permanent fixture.

A company spokesman said:

It was initially what we call a short-term stunt, just for the summer months because Istanbul gets quite crowded and we looked for ways to help with traffic aside from cars.

But it’s been so popular and so well-received that we’re going to make it a permanent fixture to Istanbul.

There’s no announced plans for it in the UK just yet, but turning up to the pub on a speedboat will be pretty funny, and done at least once if it does start up over here!