Uber Passenger Says She’ll Accuse Driver Of Rape, Gets Caught On Camera


After watching this Uber driver’s dash cam, you’re sure to be overcome with rage at the woman and amazement at how the driver stayed so calm.

The woman in the video is completely out of control and consistently swears and threatens to accuse the drive of rape while he does his best to stay professional.

He said he picked her up in the Bronx, New York, and asked her to leave his taxi countless times after she called him the n-word and kicked his car.

From what we can gather it seems like the argument started after the girl asked the Uber driver for a phone charger and he said he didn’t have one…

From there on in the girl becomes an outrageous ball of spoiled brat style fury, demanding that the driver call her boyfriend (?) before taking things to a whole other level of gross unacceptability…


She begins screaming because she is not getting her way, and repeatedly asks the drive to ‘call the cops’ while also saying she would tell them that he hit and raped her.

Finally, after what must’ve been a traumatising ordeal for the driver she gets out of the car.

At this point the driver speaks to the camera saying:

This is what Uber drivers go through every fucking day man. People disrespect us and talk shit to us like it’s nothing.

It’s a fucking good job he had that dash cam there. Unbelievable.