Uber Slammed For Surging Prices And Cashing In On New York Explosion

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After an explosion in Chelsea, NY on Saturday night left 29 people injured, New Yorkers slammed Uber for cashing in on the carnage.

We still know very little about the bombing. However, in the aftermath, Uber have faced criticism for surging their prices during the chaos as many members of the public used the app to flee the scene.

Following the explosion, Chelsea’s train services were shut down and yet Uber was reportedly charging customers fares up to 1.8 times the standard rate, seemingly to ‘cash in’ on the horrifying ordeal.

Uber did eventually switch of surge pricing but by this point many scared New Yorkers had been overcharged in their attempts to stay safe and get home after the explosion.

Although Uber tweeted a message to users saying they had switched off surge in the area directly affected by the explosion, some believed this to be a PR opportunity.

Others New Yorkers questioned why Uber didn’t extend the courtesy to other areas of the city, and many more called for refunds on their surged fares.

I’m no economist, but to cash in on terror – whether or not the company’s intentions were indeed calculated and motivated by greed – seems like a pretty sick version of supply and demand to me.