Ubisoft Announce Far Cry Primal With Reveal Trailer And Release Dates

by : Mark Foster on : 06 Oct 2015 17:28

So it seems our suspicions were true. Ubisoft’s cryptic live streamed cave painting was for the brand new spin-off, Far Cry Primal.

The live stream running on Ubisoft’s website and YouTube channel turned out to be a super slow-mo pre-trailer for the game set way, way back in the stone age. The official reveal trailer shows hairy cave-blokes fighting woolly mammoths, sabretooth-tigers and other cave-blokes with crude spears, bow and arrows and clubs.


The game will be single player only, and will be set around 10,000 years BC. You play as Takkar, an experienced hunter who is the last surviving member of his tribe in the land of Oros. His goal is simply to survive in a world where humans are not yet at the top of the food chain.

Ubisoft’s Executive Director Dan Hay said about Far Cry Primal:

The interesting thing about Far Cry is that it’s flexible, so when a team proposed to explore the idea of a Far Cry taking place during the Stone Age, we just said ‘let’s hear it!’  And the more we heard about it, the more we realised how much of a damn good idea it actually was.


Check out the trailer and developer diary below.

Far Cry Primal will be heading to Playstation and Xbox One on February 23 while PC users will have to hold out until March 2016.

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