Ubisoft Detail Rainbow Six Siege Microtransactions And Post-Launch DLC


Ubisoft have published a blog post outlining their plans for Rainbow Six Siege DLC and in-game microtransactions.

The blog post on Ubisoft’s website states that almost all post-launch DLC for Rainbox Six Siege will be completely free to everybody – minus some cosmetic weapon skins. DLC will be released in four stages for one year after the game’s release with the first – Operation Black Ice – coming in January 2016.

Each new piece of DLC will have 1 new map, 2 new operators, new weapons and a selection of weapon skins, the latter of which are described as “purely cosmetic” and “won’t affect gameplay”. While Operators can be bought by grinding with in-game “Renown”, only the weapon skins require R6 credits -bought with real money – to unlock.

Renown can be earned by simply playing the game, with the game devs reckoning that each hour played will equal about 1000 Renown. Vanilla game Operators can also be purchased with Renown, with the first in each squad costing 500, the second 1,500 etc – while DLC operators will cost 25,000 Renown, or about 25 hours of gameplay to unlock.

Check out the blog post for more info, and Rainbow Six Siege will release on December 1 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.